E.C.T Mills Art & Illustration


If you have a custom project please contact me at emily@ectmills.com with the following information:

Description of your project.

If it’s a book in need of cover art, give me your blurb and anything you feel is relevant for the cover.  If it’s a logo talk about the company you want represented and what kind of impression is needed.  If it’s a standalone piece for a wall tell me what the subject would be.  Give me details, even if I can’t possibly incorporate them all I want to hear them.

Any references to art styles or compositions you like.

Got a hankering for Art Nouveau? Really like medieval woodcuts? Have a soft spot for the Power Puff Girls? Let me know! All this and more can be incorporated into a piece.  Don’t know the name of the style you want?  Send images or links to work you love.

What the artwork is intended for.

Does it need to be big enough for a poster or only the size of a Christmas card? Is it going to need licensing for commercial use? Is it a gift and not to be mentioned anywhere online until it has been given?

Send me that information and I will either send you a contract for the work detailing the timeline and process or get in touch with you for more information.


Past commissions:


Cover art commissioned for two books.  The first is available here, the second will be released soon.

Combination of a super heroine and a classic poster commissioned for a client’s girlfriend.

In honor of a video game that had a deep impact on the client.

Concept design for a tattoo.


A memorial piece in honor of some pets that had recently passed on.

Character designs commissioned as gifts for a Pathfinder group.