E.C.T Mills Art & Illustration

Rapunzel in progress (2/12/2013)

Finished ink for my next fairy tale piece.  A lot of this will either be bumped up or bumped down to give the piece an overall structure.


Snow White in Progress


I came across a gorgeously intricate calendar recently and was inspired. This is a first push to a composition in that realm. It would have been ready a few weeks ago but we moved and my schedule got all kinds of messed up.

I’ll be adding some color to this I think so it’s only a WIP now.

Ellis in Progress (10/11/2012)

I was unhappy with the original Mark of the Familiar so this is the reworking so far. I’m going to incorporate some color and texture, we’ll see if it improves.


Christmas Card (9/18/2012)

Completely out of season I know but I came across an interesting tutorial and the most applicable lineart I had hanging around was a christmas card I had started about two years ago.  I may continue to play with this and add some color but we’ll see if that actually improves anything.


Mandarin Fish Merpeople (9/1/2012)

On a recent trip to the Boston aquarium I saw a Mandarin Fish and thought it would make a particularly awesome concept for a mermaid.  So I’ve been working on the concept for my next piece.  Below is the lineart so far.

The pose for the couple is loosely based on their spawning ritual where a mating pair will rise about three feet in the water and release eggs and sperm.



Ellis Study (8/9/2012)

This is a study done for a character illustration.  Ellis is a familiar, his tattoos represent each animal he can become.  He’s also a…passionate character, hence the naked.


There’s a lot of anatomy I have to fix on this, in fact I’m planning on turning the entire cage to one side a bit.  I also want to bump up the contrast on the cage a bit more and give it more of a Halloween Town aesthetic.

Well Hello There (7/31/2012)

This will be the resting place for sketches, works in progress and ideas that never went anywhere.  Occasionally I may have an additional thought to express so fair warning on that but mostly I shall stick to visual type things.

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