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11/13/2014 Preliminary Figure Studies


Round one of the figure studies for the new mermaids.  I’m probably dropping the second one as it’s just not the right pose for what I want.

11/10/2014 Revisiting the Fishies

So there is a show coming up for Romance and Magic that I wanted to submit the mandarin merfish (below) to but unfortunately the original is done in non-lightfast markers so I can’t in good conscience submit it.  Instead I’m reworking the piece using watercolor instead of marker.


There are a few things I want to change, first off is the scale.  The original is pretty small, only about 5×15″ and I want something nice and big for this show.  I’m looking to go with 11.75×36″ since it’s a standard frame size, the only problem is that the biggest piece of illustration board I have is 20″ by 30″.  I have however come up with a solution.  I’m designing end caps to lengthen the board.


I also want to play with the position on the fishies since I’ve never quite been happy with the male’s pose.  I’ve been looking at ballet poses for inspiration.  I haven’t found a reference that works perfectly but I do have a number that could be incorporated into one great pose.

10/29/2014 Dullahan Series

This series was done partially for Inktober but mostly for a local show themed Seasonal Interpretations.  So in honor of the season I decided to take my own spin on a story that incorporates all my favorite things about fall, the harvest, the start of school and Halloween: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.


For this series I wanted to reach back to the roots of the mythos, the Irish Dullahan.  But the mythos doesn’t quite fit since there’s nothing that would keep a Dullahan from crossing a bridge or running water and it doesn’t throw it’s own head (or a pumpkin) but a bucket of blood if you are unlucky enough to spot one.  Some interesting things occurred to me when I started blending the Dullahan with some of the stories of Selkies though.  If a Selkie’s skin is taken, trapping her in human form, she can be held captive and barred from reentering the water.  She is only freed if the skin is found, either by her or often one of her children, and returned to her.  I found myself asking what if there are similar rules for a Dullahan that has it’s head stolen?

10/14/2014 A Trip to the Beach

Finally a client project I can post!  This was a larger project, an 18″x24″ comic depicting a day out at the beach under the influence of a sleep-aid.  It’s in ink, pencil and watercolor.


9/19/2014 Robb the Blob


Some Pro Bono work done for a book using all different illustrators.  His face wound up being a lot of fun to play with, and I think I satisfied my visual pun need.

9/17/2014 ‘Tis the Season


I’m fast developing a special place in my heart for undead rodents.  I’m comfortable with those implications.  This will be going up in my print shop next week, I will be making it available first at the Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair since it’s so topical.

9/15/2014 Fall Into the Holidays Craft and Vendor Fair

I’m going to be at the Fall Into the Holidays Craft and Vendor fair on the 21st with prints, postcards and some original pieces. If you’re in the area stop by!


9/3/2014 Well hello again

So it’s been a while, August was a touch crazy but there were reasons why there hasn’t been much in the way of new art.  The commissions are mostly in the category of gifts not yet given so I’m holding off on posting them just yet.  There’s one being given soon so I’m hoping to get it up once I’m back from vacation next week.

I’ve also been working on a personal project that won’t be ready to show for a while yet.  At this point I have everything storyboarded and will be starting in on the pencil work while I’m away.  My goal is to start inking at the end of the month but that will depend on my commission schedule.  I will also be doing smaller pieces here and there to have something to post as I progress.

7/21/2014 Griffin of Another Color

My hand is recovered and this piece is done.  I think I will play with the idea of old paper more, perhaps using color washes in future pieces to add to the effect.

7/18/2014 On the role of the Audience


I sit here with a brace on my wrist delaying completion of my current project.  So instead of working on that I found myself naval gazing about what I find so compelling about fairy tales.


The fascinating thing about fairy tales is the way they change with the audience even if their content remains the same.  On an individual bases you have the way that the surface understanding of a child and the deeper interpretations of an adult.  The same story can take on whole new meanings, even become sinister, when we revisit it with more life experiences to draw on.  You also have the multiple re-tellings and alternate versions of fairy tales to give different interpretations and tones.  So many of us grew up with the toned down versions of our favorite stories that reading the original Grimm’s version can be a harsh eye opener.


But that’s all the different experiences of a single person.  The most interesting aspect about fairy tales for me is how the same story can relate to different generations and groups of different people in such varying ways.  Take the Frog King for example.  To the original audience it is simply a cautionary tale about keeping your promises.  However to a more modern audience the fact that the princess was literally the only one who could break the curse as well as the violence and lack of chemistry surrounding her and the prince, particular the transformation scene, it becomes  a bizarrely uncomfortable romance.  Taken even further the character Faithful Henry, wholly devoted to his prince to the point that he required iron bands around his heart to keep it from bursting with sorrow when the prince was cursed, adds a note of unrequited love for an audience that is increasingly more aware of homosexuality in their media.


So which interpretation is more valid?  Shifting societal norms in the audience are a simple reality of any art, visual written or otherwise, that lasts beyond the lifetime of it’s creator.  As a result all are valid responses to the same work.  And that variety of honest reaction across history is what I find so fascinating.

7/15/2014 Talisman

For my birthday last month I got an airbrush.  I’ve been playing with it ever since but this is the first genuine piece done using it.



This series was done for a local gallery doing a show for fantasy and abstract art.  So in the spirit of old school fantasy I decided to revisit some of my favorite fairy tale pieces.

6/27/2014 Frog Prince

One day I will get tired of this story, but not today.  I wanted to experiment with a more graphic style of inking and this was the result.  I feel like I have a lot more pushing to do with this but it’s a decent start.


6/23/2014 I Love A Parade


I recently caught up with Welcome To Night Vale, so far Tamika Flynn has been my absolute favorite character though I also have a soft spot for the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your house.



6/15/2014 Memorial


A memorial Commission of beloved Grandparents that had recently passed.

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